On Monday, the 28th of June 2021, INNOSETA hosted a networking event with EU projects.

Coordinators from thematic networks, projects focusing on crop protection and agricultural machinery, as well as digital agriculture were invited to exchange experiences, discuss upon EC project developments, common challenges and the future of education in European agriculture. Participating EU projects were: FAIRSHARE, EUREKA, SMARTAGRIHUBS, IPMWORKS, SMARTCHAIN, SMARTPROTECT, DEMETER, NEXTFOOD and AGRILINK.

Special guest of the day was Inge Van Oost, representing the European Commission and DG AGRI. She presented the priorities of the EU and the strategy for Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems in the CAP and in Horizon Europe.

You can watch the full recorded event on the INNOSETA official YouTube Channel HERE!

Moreover, you can download the full list of presentations below

  1. INNOSETA Introduction Emilio Gil
  2. DG Agri – Inge Van Oost
  3. FAIRshare – Teresa Hooks
  4. EUREKA – Pieter Spanoghe
  5. SmartAgriHubs – Lorena Van de Kolk
  6. IPMworks – Nicolas Munier-Jolain
  7. SMARTCHAIN – F. Javier Casado
  8. SmartProtect – Sabien Pollet
  9. DEMETER – Kevin Doodle
  10. Nextfood – Martin Melin
  11. AGRILINK – Pierre Labarthe
  12. INNOSETA – Emilio Gil
  13. INNOSETA questionnaire – Fabrizio Gioelli