On Wednesday, the 30th of June 2021, INNOSETA hosted a transnational workshop on Innovative Spraying Equipment.

During the workshop, the outcomes from 17 regional workshops, carried out at national level, were presented, and work focused on the following 3 thematics:
  • Thematic 1-Spray quality and application precision;
  • Thematic 2-Spray drift reduction;
  • Thematic 3-Prevention of point sources pollution – Environmental safety and operator health.

The workshop was attended by no less than 90 people from all over the world, including Europe and America.

You can download the full list of presentations below:

  1. INNOSETA project presentation (Michael Koutsiaras)
  2. Workshop introduction & objectives (Sebastien Codis)
  3. Thematic 1 – Spray quality and application precision (Emilio Gil)
  4. Thematic 2 – Spray drift reduction (David Nuyttens)
  5. Thematic 3 – Point source pollution & operator’s health (Paolo Balsari)