The final brokerage event of INNOSETA took place in Brussels, on 26-27 of October 2021

After 3 years of work, INNOSETA Project has finished and achieved the envisioned targets. The main objective of INNOSETA was to set up an Innovative self-sustainable Thematic Network on Spraying Equipment, Training and Advising to contribute in closing the gap between the available novel high-end crop protection solutions -either commercial or from applicable research results- with the everyday European agricultural practices. We have now published a platform under the INNOSETA Project (INNOSETA Platform) with more than 1000 entries about innovative techniques, ongoing research and material that in many cases is already available for use by farmers in their fields. Further collaboration in this regard will be achieved by promoting effective exchange of novel ideas and information between research, industry, extension services and the farming community. However, the new policies coming in the near future under the Farm to Fork, Green Deal and Biodiversity Strategy must also take into account all the progress already made.

This 2-day brokerage event was an opportunity to present the results that INNOSETA has obtained during the past 3 years and foster fruitful collaboration for the priority topics in future EU policy!

On the first day, aiming to “close the gap between research and farmers”, the event focused on the technical aspects of the project and the practical, innovative outcomes in favour of the farming community. Following, during the second day, policy topics were highlighted in order to “find opportunities for a greener European agriculture”. Special keynote speakers participated representing the European Commission (Karin Nienstedt, Inge Van Oost, Gisela Quaglia and Klaus Berend) and the European Parliament (Clara Aguilera), and key INNOSETA partners guided participants through the findings and developments of the INNOSETA Thematic Network project!

You can watch the 2-day event on our YouTube channel HERE


And don’t forget…All the presentations from the 2-day brokerage event are available below:

DAY-1: Useful platform to close the gap between research and farmers

  1. Introduction – INNOSETA (Emilio Gil)
  2. INNOSETA Platform (Fabrizio Gioelli & David Nuyttens)
  3. Results of multi-stakeholder approaches (Eric Chantelot & Michael Koutsiaras)
  4. Barriers to the adoption of innovatory spraying machinery (Vasiliki Kanaki)
  5. Risk mitigation of pesticides in the context of the EU pesticide legislation (Karin Nienstedt)
  6. CAP Strategic Plans post 2020, Why AKIS strategies and how (Inge Van Oost)

DAY-2: Finding opportunities for a greener European agriculture

  1. INNOSETA – Main outcomes and policy briefs (Emilio Gil)
  2. R&I for sustainable agriculture in support of Farm to Fork Strategy (Gisela Quaglia)
  3. Role of risk mitigation measures for safer use of pesticides (Klaus Berend)

Watch the vision and achievements of the INNOSETA project: “EUROPE IS THE KEY”

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