7 Hubs

Multi-actor approach

INNOSETA is based on a “multi-actor approach”, including farmers and extension organisations from 7 countries, which ensures that the end-users of SETA innovations are well represented. Seven organisations owned/ruled by farmers or directly working for them are partners in the project as are 6 research institutions and the association of farm machinery manufacturers and of plant protection product manufacturers. 

Field Crops




Cropping systems

The cropping systems addressed by INNOSETA differ according to the pedo-climatic conditions as well as the specificities of the agricultural value chain of the particular regional “hub”.

The diversity of cropping systems and agro-climatic zones covered by this thematic network will allow INNOSETA to explore the adoption and applicability of a wide range of SETA solutions, while capturing a wealth of needs and innovations from end-users. Depending on the geographical region, the following cropping systems will be addressed with the innovative SETA solutions.

Hub workshops

Moreover, INNOSETA will facilitate the development of interactive innovation processes in the national/regional agricultural value chains, by bringing together farmers, advisors, researchers, industrial partners and other actors in interactive innovation workshops. Grassroots-level ideas will be captured and channelled and should result in the development of concrete innovation-based projects that answer the practical needs of the end-users. 

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