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ZLTO is an organisation of farmers active in the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland in The Netherlands. ZLTO is one of the three organisations that work in the federation LTO Nederland. Together they represent Dutch Farmers.

The organisation aims at the amelioration of the social and economic situation of farmers through representation, formation and training, individual support and counselling of the members.

ZLTO employs momentarily 70 consultants and 30 project workers in every possible field of innovation in the agricultural sector (innovative co-operatives, renewable energy, sustainable plant and animal protection techniques, new products and innovative commercialisation, development of new services etc. ). The diffusion of these themes is organised through channels such as: training courses, articles in our own magazine “Nieuwe Oogst” and in specialized magazines, symposia, excursions, website, social media, individual counselling, etc. Since the agricultural sector is in a phase of profound transitions, it is of an utmost importance that the sector can innovate as intense and as fast as possible.

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Seta Relation

ZLTO has great interest in the INNOSETA project, because our members and other farmers and contractors face major investments in their spraying devices and should make the right decisions for the next 5-10 years.

ZLTO will use its extensive networks and experience in regional, national and international projects to contribute with this knowledge as a partner to this project. ZLTO is involved in various H2020 projects (H2020 Agrispin, Eurodairy, Capsella, 4D4F, Eu Pig, Agridemo-F2F, SKIN, IoF2020,…).

ZLTO was in the 2015, EIP FocusGroup: Precision Agriculture. Furthermore, ZLTO has a test facility Precision Farming, with the aim to use Precision Agriculture for broad environmental goals

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