The work of  the INNOSETA project has been distributed over 6 WPs,

the first four deal with the core activities of the project,

while the other two are overarching the others

and spanning across the 36 month project duration.

Work Packages

  • WP1. Inventory on SETA (UNITO)

    • Inventory & state-of-the-art of existing SETA solutions and knowledge
    • To make an inventory of, and synthesize info and knowledge about available SETA from Research results issued from national & EU projects related to SETA, Industrial applications already on the market and Training and advising material on SETA
    • to evaluate the SETA solutions according to specific key performance indicators (KPIs) related to sustainability & product quality

    Duration: May’18 – February ‘21

  • WP2. Assessment of farmer's needs

    • Systematically explore user needs, innovative ideas and interests with regard to SETA through 50 interviews with farmers per regional hub
    • Identification of end-users needs and factors affecting user acceptance of novel SETA
    • Explore and assess successful innovation processes & best practices around SETA 

    Duration: May’18 – April ‘21

  • WP3. Multi actor networking (IFV)

    • Networking, knowledge exchange and co-creation at regional and EU levels
    • Gathering all relevant stakeholders in the seven regions in which the project partners are active and facilitate knowledge exchange & generate interactive & multi-actor innovation processes
    • Engender cross-border collaboration between stakeholders and networks in SETA in the EU
    • Train and advise key stakeholders on best spraying practices in the 7 regional hubs
    • Issue recommendations for future research & for the support of innovation processes in the SETA field

    Duration: May’18 – April ‘21

  • WP4. Seta Platform (ILVO)

    • INNOSETA internet-based platform: Networking, knowledge exchange and innovation brokerage and assessment of SETA solutions and approaches
    • Develop, operate and maintain a permanent networking facility and knowledge brokerage platform of INNOSETA
    • Virtual test bed and collaboration tool
    • Provide a unified, easy-accessible database of training/advising material for agricultural stakeholders

    Duration: May’18 – April ‘21

  • WP5. Dissemination

    • Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation & Public Engagement
    • Development of a detailed dissemination strategy that will lead to the successful deployment of a set of promotional and dissemination materials
    • Widely disseminate the project results at regional, national and European level
    • Engage with stakeholders through a number of targeted events at regional and EU level
    • Ensure the sustainability of this thematic network’s results through its link with EU wide initiatives, esp. EIP

    Duration: May’18 – April ‘21

  • WP6. Project Management

    • Efficiently managing all administrative and financial aspects
    • Project coordination & management: administrative, financial and risk management
    • Maintaining Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement 
    • Monitoring Project progress and achievements as well as risks and contingencies
    • Ensuring timely reporting to the Commission
    • Reassure effective liaison with other projects and legal bodies as required

    Duration: May’18 – April ‘21