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Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) is the French institute of R&D for vine and wine, governed by representatives of the major wine professionals in France, and officially recognized by the Ministry of agriculture as a Technical Institute in relation to its activities of general interest for the vine and wine sector and its transfer abilities to the wine industry sector.

IFV offers a wide range of professional competences covering all the skills needed for wine production. 140 scientists and engineers work on multidisciplinary subjects in relation to vine production and wine quality: ampelography, agronomic studies, vine diseases, oenology, microbiology, processes, circular economy, mechanisation etc. Laboratories are officially recognized for agronomy and oenology trials or studies. Established in 18 research centers and with field experimentation facilities located in all the main French wine producing regions, multidisciplinary teams conduct research and transfer activities, in relation to the needs expressed by its board members, representatives of French professionals of the wine industry. As a result, IFV has a strong role in bringing research and experimental results to the vineyards and wineries.

IFV has a broad experience in European projects. IFV is leading three European projects, including the European thematic network WINETWORK on grapevine trunk diseases and Flavescence dorée (2014-2017), and participates in various European projects at present and in the past, including Smart-AKIS thematic network on Smart Farming Technologies (2016-2018), EUCLID EU-CHINA Lever for IPM Demonstration (2015-2019), INNOVINE combining innovation in vineyard management and genetic for a sustainable European viticulture, (2013-2016); Winetech plus: Promotion of innovation and transfer of technology in the wine sector (2012-2015); PURE Innovative Crop Protection for Sustainable Agriculture (2011- 2015); TOPPS PROWADIS: Train Operators to Promote Best Management Practices and Sustainability (2012-2014).

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Co-founded by IFV and IRSTEA, the Joint Research Unit EcoTechViti located in Montpellier is a research and development joint unit team of about 10 people specialized in spraying technologies for the vineyard protection. Our objective is to evaluate and develop new tools to support wine growers in reducing the use of pesticides. Our joint unit team is committed to support companies or organizations wishing to develop new tools for a better protection of the vineyard: innovative sprayers, embedded sensors, precision spraying … In particular, we carry out researches such as assessing and classifying the efficiency of different spraying equipments, building new methodologies to measure drift, researches on adaptation of the PPP dose expression according to crop parameters and sprayer’s performance. IFV regularly organises training sessions for the end-users and advisors on the efficiency and monitoring of spraying technologies in vineyards. IFV participates to CIETAP (AFPP’s Commission) Inter-professional Commission on Spray application techniques which gathers all stakeholders (plant protection product industry, sprayer’s manufacturers, research, extension services, etc.).


ACTA network (Réseau des Instituts Techniques Agricoles)